Seasoned Firewood

Firewood is an area where you can have great influence over how well your system performs and how enjoyable your experience will be. Quality, well seasoned firewood will help your wood stove or fireplace burn cleaner and more efficiently, while green or wet wood can cause smoking problems, odor problems, rapid creosote buildup and possibly even dangerous chimney fires.

J.A.M. Materials has many different pickup or delivery choices available.

  • Fall Winter 2011 Thru Spring 2012 Prices and Quantities:
  • 1/4 Cord Bulk - $115.00 **Picked Up Only**
  • 1/2 Cord Bulk - $180.00 Delivered
  • Full Cord Bulk - $295.00 Delivered
  • Palletized - $225.00 Delivered Free on Wednesday's
  • Trunk loaded, home owner freindly Bins (Perfect for a weekend) - $30 & $40 Bins